There are moments in life...

There are moments in life where you know you're where you're supposed to be - when you feel right-sized and the hum of the world around you is pitch perfect and its movement as fluid as water. 

I'd guess that for many, and for us for a long time, these moments are few and far between. Whether we were distracted by the noise of life, or whether we chose not to, or could not, listen, see, smell, touch, or feel, what was real, the truth was always there. It waits patiently at the gates, but does not bolt nor does it command attention. It waits. Until we are ready to experience with all our senses that there is beauty in simplicity and comfort in honesty, does it find its purpose. 

boyandgirlco are grateful and are blessed for having been given another one of these experiences by the place that set us on this new, wonderful journey. 

A couple of days ago, we stopped by Kitchen by Mike, in Sydney - for those familiar with our story, this place is where we had 'the meal that change it all' - and were once again humbled by its beauty. We were made to feel at home by the staff; tired from our travels, we were nourished by the food (real food); and had the pleasure of Mike himself sharing his valuable time with us. This humble man spoke to us of his vision. Along with the bread and butter pudding served with a side of cream, we devoured it all.  He showed us the physic garden located in the back, spoke of KbM's forthcoming line of jam, marmalade and chutneys, and during our conversation frequently referred to his staff as his family.  But what really touched us was how much of himself he was willing to share with two dreamers - a boy and a girl who also believe in creating something real, honest, and built to last.  As if that wasn't enough, he gave us some delicious marmalade before we headed home. 

If you're ever in Sydney, then please stop in. Hopefully you'll see for yourself what it is that opened our eyes to see the beauty in everything.