Waste not, want not

Pallet manufacture is the largest use of hardwood in the U.S, and it is estimated that 1.8-1.9 billion pallets are used in the U.S. everyday.  Of those, approximately 190 million end up in landfill.

boyandgirlco recently went for their fortnightly wood scrap-drop off to the local waste management centre.  It costs less to drop off the wood we had in our van than it does to get rid of an equal amount of regular household items.

We drove to the designated wood drop off area, got out of the van to open the back door and then stopped.  We turned around, looked up and saw a mountain of wood piled at least five metres high and about 20 metres across.  It may sound dramatic but after seeing that mountain, made up of pallets, old cubby houses, fencing, wooden posts and more, some of which were hard wood, we were saddened.

While most people would see waste, as evidenced by virtue of the wood being there, and believe that the wood had outlived its purpose, what we saw was potential.  We saw a table, a chair, a desk, a bookshelf, a boyandgirlco light box. What we saw, from that mountain of what were and are products of our earth, was unrealised potential.

We unloaded our van and then picked up what we could to refurbish, repurpose and rehome. 

A jar can become a new home for a plant; old engine gears can become a beautiful light fitting; and, an old door can be turned into a beautiful table. With a little love, effort and time, the potential of something can be realised.

We hope, through what we do, that we encourage others to see beauty in discarded things. We hope that our efforts will spark inspiration in others to open their eyes to what is possible.  We hope that others will experience the joy we do in making furniture for ourselves and for our customers.  We hope that the next time we visit the centre that the woodpile will be much smaller. 

Refurbish. Repurpose. Rehome. boyandgirlco