What plants are hardy?

Not a green thumb? Not even a yellow, or blue thumb? No worries.

Let me tell you a story...about plants that have stuck by me (hardy plants for those not so green thumbs)

At boyandgirlco, we always get asked what to plant in our planter boxes. Well, I was born without a green thumb. The first sign of this affliction came to light when I was five years old. I was given carrot seeds to plant and instead ate the packet of seeds right there on the spot. Despite my woeful beginnings I was determined to grow my own plants!

Here is the list of the three plants that have survived my barbaric attempt at horticulture:

Mint: Put it in a separate pot so it has room to move, give it a little water every day, some good sunlight, and watch your fresh peppermint tea and summer salads bloom! 

Basil: Take a young basil, give it a frost free and sunny position (not burning hot…think healthy glow, not leather tan), some nice airflow, good drainage, and you have yourself a never ending supply of pesto!

Chives: Sun, water, and a good quality soil. Although they might die in winter their roots should stay alive, so like a Phoenix they rise from the ashes in spring!

So, Pallet People, here’s the rub:

Mint, Basil, Chives are your new best friends and planting them when they have already got a head start means you avoid the gross baby stage of gardening (that ‘aint a commitment I am ready for).

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What’s your favourite herb to grow?

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