Last Season Collection

Your home is your personal space. It’s your sanctuary, a place where you and those you care about go to recharge and rejuvenate. Your furniture should be a comfortable part of that.    hyperlink

boyandgirlco’s first season collection pieces are made with clean, simple lines and handcrafted with sustainability in mind. Although ‘standard’, they can be painted in any colour and modified to suit your needs and different spaces. 

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The Docking Station Bookcase

Dimensions: 1240 (l) x 470 (d) x 820mm (h)

This is a stylish solution to any storage problem. It has two drawers that you can use to store all those items that don't need to be out.  $580

Currently on SPECIAL for $464!



The Light Box (with shelf pictured)

Dimensions: 1300 (h) x 260 (d) x 400 (w)

A stunning way to light up your life. It comes with an antique bulb.  $340.


The Osprey Dining Table/Desk

Dimensions: 1240 (l) x 800 (d) x 820mm (h)

A classic, honest piece of boyandgirlco furniture. Nothing screams sustainability more than this piece, the pallet in true form. It can come with a custom cut table glass top. $450 (with glass).

Currently on SPECIAL for $360!


The Urban Planter Box

Dimensions: 1200 (l) x 180 (d) x 140mm (h)

For an instant garden, hang this UPB off your fence or balcony rail. It comes with standard hooks which attaches to a wood paling fence, or a rail with a diameter of 50mm.  It comes in red, blue, yellow and green. Custom hooks and colours are also available for an additional cost.  $45


The Jamieson Coffee Table

Dimensions: 1100 x 600 x 350mm (h). 

Sitting atop four castor wheels, this mobile coffee table adds warmth to any living space. The storage space also provide a place for those magazines and books.  $420


Standard Items
Urban Planter (select colour)

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