Build a Planter Box

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build a planter box.jpg

Build a Planter Box


The workshop is designed to give you all the basic skills you need to start building your own pallet furniture. You'll learn how to create using boyandgirlco's furniture building system which makes it easy to begin building with ease. 

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How to build a planter box

This workshop is designed to be delivered to pairs of people.  However, I'm sure we can match you up with someone on the day if you'd like to register as an individual.  Smaller workshop class sizes means you get more one on one attention from the boyandgirlco team. 

In this workshop, you will how learn to build this boyandgirlco planter box. 

You'll need to wear:

  • Long pants
  • A shirt (no singlets or tank tops please), and
  • Covered shoes that you don't mind getting scuffed. Preferably steel cap shoes if you have them. 

Your workshop fee includes:

  • Personal protection gear: eye protection glasses, gloves and ear protection. 
  • Instructions on how to build a planter box for you to keep
  • The opportunity to purchase a pre packaged bundle of wood that you can use to build your own planter box at home, and
  • A free gift for you to remember your experience by. 

Date: Saturday, 26 August, 1pm

Duration: 3-4 hours

Once you've made the payment, we'll send you all the necessary information including any forms you have to sign as a part of participating in a boyandgirlco workshop.  We'll also send you a confirmation of all the information you'll need in order to be prepared for the workshop, at least 1 week out from the workshop date.